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NFT Event – DERMAGA #1

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Pumpung Wratmoko
Pumpung Wratmoko
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First BANANOW Offline Event

After we held an online minting party in MJ’s room, we continued to intimately discuss the continuation of the art and how to deliver the reveal party for BANANOW NFTs. Somehow we had this pretty wild idea; As a newcomer to the nft world, plus never held an offline event before, we plan to hold an offline event for revealing the BANANOW NFTs.

The ripples turned into waves

We continued by approaching many people, communities, entities both in web3 and web2 world. Along the way, we’ve gained so much insight, knowledge, and developments in technology and the nft/web3 community. Our journey was so valuable, without realizing it we were more or less mapping the web3 ecosystem in Indonesia. Our idea developed, what was previously just an NFT reveal event developed into an educational and sharing event about NFT, event hitting web3. More and more entities are starting to approach to support our event : RKC music community, Candil musicians, representatives of Nusameta, Binance, Ajaib Krypto exchange, and surrounding NFT activists.

Meet up with Ganara Art Space
with @candilkece at Anindhaloka

Many places are very open to the event, such as Bloc Bar, Ganara Art Space, and Anindhaloka Co-Working Space. At that time, we felt that Anindhaloka, owned by Mrs. Dewi, is the best option. It was the most sense in terms of location, facilities, vibe, and provide some human resources who could help us. So, we decided to hold the event there.

Build a pier with existing materials and tools

Bananow leaped from screens to the real world, throwing our first-ever offline bash. We named the event “Dermaga NFT”. Well, it is Indonesian language meaning port/port/pier. It’s a stopover on the edge of the open sea. I’s where ships dock to enter the island or just drink coffee and chat, then continue their journey. We hope this becomes a hub where web3 explorers gather or a gate to enter the web3 island. Imagine a buzzing hive of connection, a place where NFTs and Web 3 know-how flowed like tropical smoothies. From online antics to offline escapades, Bananow is all about breaking boundaries, one banana at a time.

Let’s Go Bananas!

Yes it’s bananas free flow party! Around 80 people from various music, crypto, and NFT communities came to warm up the atmosphere. There we talk, share, exchange knowledge, and have fun in a cozy atmosphere. This event is hosted by Benny Hawe who is widely known in the NFT community. Candil, a well-known local singer, was there to entertain the audience. V, our front liner sang our original song “Shilling is Believing”. Candil also launch his collaboration NFT with Bananow, his screams are combined with the art of Bananow. Several sponsors are interested in supporting our event. For most people, this event is an event where they can meet in person where previously they were only friends in the digital realm. All knowledge, views and the spirit of togetherness are expected to enter the body and mind through the banana that is happily swallowed.

In the end, we went home smiling, that’s the most important thing.

See you at the next DERMAGA!

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The Fruit That Connects Us to Our Values and Lifestyle

Hey there! Many people question why we chose BANANAS to represent our movement in NFT through the BANANOW.LAND project. This may be a small start but we want to share some great facts about the BANANA itself. Let the fun begin!

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Hi, OiOi Fams!!!! Come to Our Land!!!!

BANANOW.LAND’s vision is to build a fun, healthy, and mutually supportive family. With a creative industry background, the founders support this family in promoting, self-branding, and creating.

Prof. NOTA
Prof. NOTA