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Hi, OiOi Fams!!!! Come to Our Land!!!!

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Prof. NOTA
Prof. NOTA
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Welcome to BANANOW.LAND!

BANANOW.LAND‘s vision is to build a fun, healthy, and mutually supportive family. With a creative industry background, the founders support this family in promoting, self-branding, and creating.

Supported by Web3 developers and marketing, we also aim to develop the utilization of blockchain technology in a fun way and become a friendly bridge for people outside the Web3 ecosystem to take advantage of blockchain technology. Just like a Bananas!

For that purpose, BANANOW.LAND creates the BANANOW NFTs collection as the first brand product with many usabilities for the holders. BANANOW NFTs are also the main BANANOW Tokens that are used as entry-pass to access all privileges in the BANANOW.LAND.

But first of all, since there are some who will try to take advantage of you from us, we strongly recommend to read this list of BANANOW.LAND official links:

BANANOW NFTs Minting Page:
BANANOW NFTs on Etherscan:
BANANOW NFTs on OpenSea:

Please view and access the important links above for details and updates. Always double-check for any link you try to access. One thing to remember! We will never do a surprise drop or a limited sale. You will be informed days in advance when it happens. Always check the announcement in our Discord server!

Besides BANANOW NFTs, there are additional BANANOW Tokens that are all NFTs and FTs that are accepted in BANANOW.LAND to grant roles and access all channels in our Discord server. Below is the complete list of all additional BANANOW Tokens on the markets:

Lord of BANANOW Collection on Ethereum:
BANANOW Tree Collection on Ethereum:
LadyME NFTs Collection on Tezos:
The ROTY BROI NFTs Collection on Polygon:
Born2Burn NFTs Collection. on Tezos:
Escapeace NOWART 1o1 NFTs Collection on Ethereum:

Please view and access all the collection links above for collecting. Once again, always double-check for any link you try to access.

Let’s have fun, grow, and thrive together with us!
Remember to always embrace all sides of yourself!

Let’s Go Bananas Now!!!!

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